Wikipedia will tell you that Exberliner is an English-language magazine published in Berlin that was launched in 2002, offering cultural listings, reviews, journalistic articles, opinion columns and a large classified section. 

Wikipedia doesn't tell you that Exberliner also has a tremendous eye for sustainably-made, thoughtfully-designed table tennis bats, balls and equipment –  as demonstrated by their inclusion of our signature Gift Set in their Christmas Gift Guide for 2022.

In the words of Exberliner: 

"Something for the discerning summer Sportler. 

It's never too early to prep for Berlin's most popular summer activity. This table tennis set is not just nice to look at, it's also made to last, with FSC-approved wood for the bats, high-quality plastic balls and recycled packaging.

Toucan was launched by Anglo-German Dan Zell in Kreuzberg in October this year. And if Santa's busy, Dan will hop on his bike and personally deliver your roder, as long as the lucky giftee doesn't live too far."

You can read the full feature in the December 2022 issue of Exberliner, or on their website here